We have 2 nurseries 5 minutes from each other - Spectrum Plants and Indoor Eden

About Us

We have 2 nurseries just 5 mins from each other!

Family owned & operated


Spectrum Plants and Indoor Eden are family-owned and operated working nurseries run by Wesley and Suzanne Trevor, who have roots in the nursery industry since the 70’s. Whether you are looking for a specific plant or just seeking inspiration, the team at Spectrum Plants and Indoor Eden will ensure that you go home with the plants and knowledge you came looking for.

These beautiful nurseries (just 5 minutes from each other) are a sea of green on the outskirts of the Gold Coast Hinterland that has to be seen to be believed!

Spectrum Plants is a wholesale nursery that is open to the public, offering a huge and diverse range of plants, growing outdoor landscaping, full sun to full shade options, and covering all areas of the plant life cycle from seedlings to mature plants and trees.

Indoor Eden is a must-do shop for plant collectors and enthusiasts! Pop over to Eden for all of your indoor, patio, front entrance and feature plants, plus match your new plant with the perfect decorative pot from our beautiful selection! If you’ve been looking for a peaceful plant sanctuary to wander around and be surrounded by greenery – Indoor Eden is it!

Our team is full of plant lovers who have a genuine passion for gardening and are ready and willing to help you create your plant vision for your home. As a working nursery, you will see our staff working on the plants as you walk through our huge range, this isn’t a pretty showroom floor! Our staff love getting their hands dirty, as they plant, fertilize, and nurture the plants while you shop. Weeded by hand, the plants here are cared for like family and the health and quality is obvious when you walk around.

Plus, if you end up with more plants than you can fit in the car, we have a delivery service available as well!

If you haven’t visited Wongawallan, these two nurseries are the perfect excuse to get out and discover these hidden gems of the Gold Coast – open 365 days a year.